DIY for Molly: Painted Canvas

I love to do artsy, creative things.  I don’t often get the opportunity, but when I do, I really enjoy it.  My mom retired last year and has been saying for ages that she wants to get involved in creating gift baskets for people as a small hobby/business (which she would be AMAZING at!!) and if she ever gets around to it, I may just join her 🙂  I used to spend hours doing crafts as a kid (so much so that I stapled my fingers together when I was 5… not my brightest move!).  I loved art class throughout school and spent a lot of time making scrapbooks in college with one of my best friends, Kristene.  I could spend hours walking around craft stores at home.  HOURS.  And I tend to spend way too much money in them whenever I do, so it’s probably a blessing that I haven’t been able to do it very often in the last several years.

When I moved to India, I didn’t know where to get any art/craft supplies so I haven’t done much, but I recently paid a visit to a store called “Itsy Bitsy” after hearing about it from a friend and picked up a few things.  I’d seen a lot of different birth announcement canvases on Etsy and knew I wanted one for Molly.  But after looking at them all, I decided to try and make one instead of just buying one.  I liked the idea of something hand painted instead of professionally printed, and I was excited to get back into doing something crafty!  Here is the result 🙂


I’m super happy with this for a few reasons, but mostly because I know that I spend the time and the effort to make something for my little peanut.  It’s one of many things I will make for her or with her in the future!


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