28 Weeks: “Safe” Zone & Times Square

28 weeks is a big milestone in a pregnancy, or so I have read.  It’s the point where the baby has a much better chance of survival if born now than he or she would have done if born before 28 weeks.  There would still be serious medical intervention required, but that medical intervention has more chance of keeping that little one alive and healthy.  To me, that’s a big milestone.  Do I want Nugget to come out now? NO NO NO!! I want him or her to cook until full term, but it provides SLIGHTLY more peace of mind knowing he or she is at the point of significantly improved outside survival if it came to it.

Serious stuff over – onto the fun bit! Continuing my bump pictures at random locations all over the city, this one is in the middle of Times Square! Times Square is easily one of the busiest areas of Manhattan and if you aren’t in the mood for people overload, you should avoid it at all costs. But there is something about it that just screams NYC and for me, I’m still on the high of absorbing all of that in again. Bring it on 🙂 We met my parents for lunch today (SO nice that we can do that now!!) and had an absolutely delicious family-style Italian meal at Tony’s DiNapoli.  This picture was taken just afterwards (so that bump is not just baby 😉 ) and we then proceeded to walk the 5 miles back to our place in Battery Park instead of taking the subway.  This little Nugget is getting some serious walking exercise & mama feels better for all that moving too!

Happy Sunday everyone!

28 weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain: No clue – no doctors appointment & a scale still stuck in our sea shipment from moving. Blissfully ignorant since last week 😀
Maternity Clothes: Yep. Thank you, Century 21, for selling “A Pea In the Pod” stuff – I’m ready for a baby bump in the fall.  Now I just need Mother Nature to start cooling it down a bit.
Stretch Marks? Nope! Fingers crossed we stay that way.
Sleep: Varies, but I’m not complaining.
Best moment this week: Saying to Molly, “Where’s Baby?” and having her gently rub my bump. Also watching her reaction to my friend Nicole’s 5 week old daughter. Cute & priceless.
Miss Anything? Actually, running. I’m still running (well, “running” is generous – more jogging) but for a lot less time and only once a week given it takes me days to not feel the pressure aches this time. I really just want to go for an 5-8 mile run up and down the river.
Movement: Flips & flops 🙂
Food cravings: No real “craving”
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope – all good.
Gender: I’ll let you know when we know 😉
Labor Signs: No no no no no.
Symptoms: Same as have been the case for a while.
Belly Button in or out? More out these days.
Wedding rings on or off? On, back on my left hand for now.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Super happy about Nugget. I love my little family <3
Looking forward to: Moving into our new place over the next 1.5 weeks, NEED. TO. FEEL. SETTLED.


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