Another Double: 26 & 27 weeks

I’ve been over-loading the double updates with Nugget, but am FINALLY caught up as I actually AM 27 (and a half) weeks! 🙂 I’ll do my best to give you updates weekly now, as I know many of you enjoy seeing them (and I thank you for following me along through this second miraculous journey!)

The weeks seem to pass pretty quickly this time around – even Jeremy says “Has it really been a week since I took the last bump picture?” EVERY WEEK lately!  I think that’s because we have a very active 10 month old who requires lots of attention and keeps us on our toes everyday as she learns, does and “says” something new (love. love. love). Combine it with LOTS of relocation adjustments & admin and time just FLIES. Nugget isn’t due for another 13 weeks but with the way he/she moves, I think we’ll have another Molly on our hands and he/she will say hello to the world a bit earlier than expected.  As long as he/she stays comfortable until the 37 week full-term milestone, we’ll be happy.

As I mentioned in my last update post, we are taking advantage of walking and being outside in NYC. These pictures were both taken in Battery Park City, 26 weeks on a walk along the river and 27 weeks at a BBQ Jazz festival this weekend. Don’t be surprised if the rest of these bump pictures are taken at random, outdoor NYC locations too.  I just can’t get enough 🙂

26 weeks



How Far Along: 27 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Still 19 pounds so I’ve either stayed the same for 3 weeks or it was wrong the last time the doctor checked.
Maternity Clothes: Nothing new in the last few weeks.
Stretch Marks? Nope!
Sleep: Ehh….
Best moment this week: Getting lots of kicks from little Nugget. Bonus is when those kicks come while I’m feeding Molly her bedtime bottle. There is nothing better than holding both of my babies.
Miss Anything? The usual. Wine, being free of aches & twinges, clothes that don’t feel super tight.
Movement: YES YES YES!! 🙂
Food cravings: Still loving Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies, but not so much a craving as they are an indulgence.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope – all good.
Gender: I’ll let you know when we know 😉
Labor Signs: No no no no no.
Symptoms: Achey & heartburn. Aches seem to lessen when I do more exercise though. MUST. KEEP. MOVING.
Belly Button in or out? I think we can officially say more out than in.
Wedding rings on or off? On, switching hands. Can’t wait for this pregnancy skin thing to go away.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Super happy about Nugget. I love my little family <3
Looking forward to: Hopefully not hearing any negative news about the glucose test I took on Friday. Fingers crossed!!


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