7 Workout Motivation Tips

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I’ve always been a pretty active person but back-to-back pregnancies followed by caring for back-to-back kiddos has left me exhausted. Whenever I have a free moment, all I want to do is sit in silence. Or in the pedicure chair at my local salon, but even the thought of walking there exhausts me. Consequently, my fitness habits have been hit, HARD. They need to get back on track & I need to stay motivated.

I recently posted about New Years resolutions and the 5 goals I set for myself to become a BETTER me, not a new me, in 2016. One of those goals was to complete a half marathon later this year. Having done 3 in the past, I know the feeling of success, pride and satisfaction I have after crossing that finish line. But completing that half marathon means training, and lots of it. Most people can’t just run 13.1 miles without building up to it. I say most because I can probably name a few people who can do this without a problem. My brother is one of them – we went running together once and he actually told me his knees hurt because we were running too slow. And I’m pretty sure he hadn’t run in ages at that point while I had been running 4 times a week. How’s that for a motivation buster?!

Anyway, back to the point. TRAINING & MOTIVATION. I hopped on the treadmill last week after not running since August and logged 5 miles. You may be thinking I’m just like my brother at this point, some freak of nature type that doesn’t need to train because 5 miles is, well, 5 miles, and that’s not so bad for the first run in 5 months. But let me reassure you – I don’t fall into his crazy category. Those 5 miles were hard work and the second I stepped off the treadmill, I had to use every bit of muscle left to continue standing, and 4 days later, my legs STILL feel like jello. But I need to do it again. And again. And again. And I can’t let my mom-of-two-under-16-months exhaustion get in the way. To do that, I need to stay motivated and here are 7 ways that work.

  1. Buy new workout clothes. This may sound shallow to some, but when you feel good about what you have on, you’re more likely to do that workout and push yourself harder. There are TONS of websites out there with really cute, inexpensive active wear. Buy it. It’ll be worth every penny.
  2. Use social media. Let others know your fitness goals and stick to them. Use &follow hashtags, post pictures to Instagram, make yourself accountable. There’s less chance you’ll skip that workout if others will be on the lookout for your updates.
  3. Compete with someone. My husband and I used to compete on who ran the most miles in a week, who did it faster, who completed them quicker, etc. It’s fun to have that friendly competition and I promise it’ll keep you motivated. No one wants to lose.
  4. Use the buddy system, and do it with someone who will call you out if you make excuses or skip a workout. No one wants a guilt trip.
  5. Use digital everything. Sign up for e-newsletters. Download an App. Follow the Instagram feeds of athletes, trainers, fitness/health magazines. It all works.
  6. Log your goals and workouts. It’s a great way to look back on your progress which is motivation in itself.
  7. Music. Download anything and everything that gets you excited, pumped up, determined, happy, etc. Change it up occasionally as well. Too much of the same thing = boring. There are lots of Apps with playlists that you can snag as well. Use them!

If you have any other ways to keep yourself motivated, please share!



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