New Year, New You?

2016 New Year celebration display with the date outlined with fiery sparklers in green and blue on a black background

Happy 2016!! My year of WINE!! I’ve been joking (or maybe not?) about 2016 being my year of wine given my last 2 years have been spent either pregnant or breastfeeding with back-to-back babies. And while I will be indulging in as much wine as I want (within reason, don’t worry. No need to call AA on me), I also think this year should be one where I focus on achieving some positive things in my life. I like the whole idea of “New Year, New You”, but I tend to think people put a lot of pressure on themselves to make drastic changes that either aren’t able to be maintained or aren’t in line with the person they want to be. I don’t want a new me, but I do want to make sure I take more time to focus on the things in my life that are important to me and to appreciate each of those things. While I had a rare minute to myself this past week, I came up with 5 things I would like to do in 2016. All attainable, none requiring drastic lifestyle changes, and all things that contribute to a better me or a better impact to people around me.

  1. Complete a half marathon. Jeremy and I have committed to doing this together this year. We have run 2 half marathons together and oddly enough, really enjoyed them. We fell off of the “hard-core” running wagon for the last 4 years while in India but want to pick it up again (call me crazy, but I wouldn’t enjoy training for a half marathon in Indian heat with a running route of one cul-de-sac after another. Varying temperatures and a route with gorgeous river views – much more my speed!) We ran the Nashville Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in 2010 and it was a blast. Brooklyn was added to the series locations last year which makes it super simple logistically as my parents can watch our littles (thanks in advance to them, before I’ve even asked!)
  2. Open and contribute monthly to savings accounts for Molly & Annabel. This is something that will carry beyond 2016. My parents did this for me and each of my siblings, and we are all incredibly grateful for it. Life is EXPENSIVE, especially when you’re trying to navigate those first few years on your own after college all while looking for a job or, if lucky enough to have one, making the lowest salary your company can give you. It’s our responsibility as parents to take care of our little loves in many ways; if we can help ensure they have some money saved for future use, I’m sure they will be just as appreciative.
  3. Have 1 child-free date with Jeremy every month. Many of our conversations are (rightly so) about the girls and their day, and they usually take place when one (or both) is eating, being changed or taking a bath. Setting aside some time each month where we can go to dinner, get a coffee and go for a walk, see a movie, etc. gives us the chance to focus on our relationship and reconnect with each other without the distraction of our beautiful daughters. We will inevitably end up talking about them for most of our time out, but we’re at least giving ourselves the CHANCE to have a normal conversation!
  4. Visit 2 cities that I have never been to before & Actually VISIT. I’m really guilty of going on a trip somewhere and spending the majority of the time within the walls of the hotel. Sometimes that’s okay because vacations are meant to be relaxing, but it’s also important to explore what each place has to offer. Isn’t that why we go to different locations in the first place?? We did a great job of traveling while living in India, and I want to make sure we continue to see and introduce the girls to new places on this side of the world.
  5. Write down something that has happened and something I am thankful for everyday this year. I read this idea somewhere and immediately loved it.  It’s such a simple way to capture moments and ensure I set aside time to reflect on what I am fortunate enough to have. I’ve left a journal on my nightstand and take 2 minutes to write in it before going to sleep each night. At the end of the year, I’ll have a book of memories and blessings.

There you have it, my 2016 goals. All written down and shared with you to keep me accountable. None of them are unattainable, none require drastic changes to my lifestyle, and all will help me focus on positive aspects of my life and the people in it.

What are your 2016 goals? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Now back to that wine… 😀

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