28 Weeks: “Safe” Zone & Times Square

28 weeks is a big milestone in a pregnancy, or so I have read.  It's the point where the baby has a much better chance of survival if born now than he or she would have done if born before 28 weeks.  There would still be serious medical intervention required, but that medical intervention has more ... [ Read More ]

Another Double: 26 & 27 weeks

I've been over-loading the double updates with Nugget, but am FINALLY caught up as I actually AM 27 (and a half) weeks! :-) I'll do my best to give you updates weekly now, as I know many of you enjoy seeing them (and I thank you for following me along through this second miraculous journey!) The ... [ Read More ]

Double Update – 24 and 25 weeks!

Being back in New York, I'm taking FULL advantage of all the things I can do so easily here that were just off the cards in India, and I'm capturing them in my 24 and 25 week updates for you! 24 Weeks:  WALKING!!  I'm walking everywhere I possibly can.  I don't work on Thursday's or Friday's, so ... [ Read More ]

Date Night (or Day) on a Budget

I've lived in India for the last 4 years, a country that makes it incredibly simple to save money (so long as you have a bit of discipline - not my strong point, but I've managed to save some!) In 3.5 weeks, we leave India and start our journey back to Manhattan (via England and Cape Cod - because, ... [ Read More ]