Another Double: 26 & 27 weeks

I've been over-loading the double updates with Nugget, but am FINALLY caught up as I actually AM 27 (and a half) weeks! :-) I'll do my best to give you updates weekly now, as I know many of you enjoy seeing them (and I thank you for following me along through this second miraculous journey!) The ... [ Read More ]

Double Update – 24 and 25 weeks!

Being back in New York, I'm taking FULL advantage of all the things I can do so easily here that were just off the cards in India, and I'm capturing them in my 24 and 25 week updates for you! 24 Weeks:  WALKING!!  I'm walking everywhere I possibly can.  I don't work on Thursday's or Friday's, so ... [ Read More ]

Top Tips During Pregnancy

Having just experienced my first pregnancy, I thought I would take the opportunity to quickly share some of my top tips that kept me feeling like myself as much as possible during a time of extreme change.  Hopefully these tips can help the friends I have who are pregnant now and those who hope ... [ Read More ]